What To Watch: 04/01/2019

Call it a reverse April Fool’s treat, as Netflix drops a new thriller from the Blumhouse family. They also have a new show on Hulu about practical jokes that become darker and darker (that almost sounds like a prank itself now). Meanwhile, our most prolific current creator drops his re-creation of the ultimate thrills anthology. If you watch all of these, you might wish to balance it out with, say, some singers innocently battling (not to the death) to see who has the best voice, and, if so, Fiona’s got your back!


Mercy Black [Netflix]
Blumhouse and Netflix have a surprise for us! They dropped a new movie on us with no warning. Mercy Black tells the story of woman who tries to drive out an evil spirit haunting her after she is released from a mental institution. Sounds right in Blumhouse wheelhouse.

The Twilight Zone [CBS All Access]
Jordan Peele takes us back (for the third time for some people) to the dimension not only of sight and of sound, but of mind. And just watch the hyperlinked promo and all the talent that brings to life this new batch of ideas — from Adam Scott to Kumail Nanjiani to Jessica Williams.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
Its battle rounds part two tonight as teammates are pitted against each other in epic song battles. Who will stay? Who will go? Who will be saved and receive a second chance on another team? Tune in to find out.



  • If you’re looking for the intersection of Blumhouse twistedness and anthology, the latest installment of Hulu’s holiday-themed Into The Dark, subtitled I’m Just Fucking With You, drops today, telling the story of a sibling prank war that escalates. As it is April 1st, the holiday theme is clearly Independence Day (see the pineapple above).
  • If Japanese anime is your thing, there’s a new version of Ultraman appearing in your Netflix queue today.
  • The action in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow moves both to Mexico City 1961 and to Monday nights. It’s still at The CW on your dial (for the few of you who still have dials).
  • Speaking of pranks, even if we’re not fans of pranks or this duo, we feel compelled to let you know the world’s most prominent Libertarian magic duo have a new special tonight, also on The CW, Penn & Teller: Fool Us — so at least they deflect the spotlight off themselves. And since this reminded us, why not close this out with the first place at least some of us saw the pair, as foils to rappers Run and D.M.C. in the 1986 music video “It’s Tricky.” Huh!


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