March Madness: Pleasant Acres

Pleasant Acres returns for its final marshmallow gun fight. I could have tossed a lot of shows into this banner: The Good Place (an existential break is sometimes a pleasant respite) or Schitt’s Creek (because sometimes a show with all the feels also brings deep delight). Tonight we choose the most pleasant of the bunch.

Butterfly through the lanes to find your new poll under the divider.

The Good Place bested Bob’s Burgers with 86.1 percent of the vote; it won the final title last year. The Belchers packed their spatulas and went back to Jersey Shore, until a new grudge match arises.

Now Chidi and his ethical all-stars will face the Kim family; Kim’s Convenience took 55.6 percent of the vote against Jane the Virgin in one of our biggest emotional upsets and one of our narrowest margins. Wild!

Both shows are comedies, and both feature families (of a sort). Can the philosophers take down the Toronto business family?

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