March Madness: Crime vs. Fake News

Welcome back to March Madness! You’ve gutted the eligible programs, like an elite gymnast in a questionable ’80s action film. Tumble your way below the fold for more voting.


John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight defeated Hasan Minaj’s Patriot Act to take the proverbial Oval Office in our Fake News division. It’s funny because all four of our Fake News shows featured The Daily Show alumni (and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah). John Oliver had 61.9 percent of the vote.

Now John is facing the lone comedy in our Crime! division. Brooklyn Nine-Nine defeated Dirty John with 75.7 percent of the vote. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on the air for many years now, has also survived cancellation and network changes (after Fox canceled the show — for what, to pick up Last Man Standing? ew! — NBC picked it up). Can the Nine-Nine take down John Oliver like a bad perp?


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