What To Watch: 03/29/2019

Friday is mostly about the streaming, and Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all have new seasons of shows (and in some case, new shows), so let’s get into the hunters, zombies, and spies you can now binge. Oh, and Pete Buttigeg, the gay Democrat your racist, homophobic grandpa might even love, is on HBO.

Hanna [Amazon Prime]
Hanna is here! The show, based on the 2011 movie, has been hyped by Amazon for awhile now. Hanna tells the story of an “extraordinary” girl who is so extra ordinary that she is being hunted by the CIA. All eight episode are streaming now.

Santa Clarita Diet [Netflix]
There’s no way of saying where we finished the end of season two of this program — there’s no “without” coming, this show is beyond, and besides I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone planning to binge the first seasons of this crazy delightful treat of a zombie comedy — and you really must. Timothy Olyphant, Drew Barrymore, and the third season return today on Netflix.

Fresh Off The Boat [ABC, 8p]
Things between Evan and Eddie get tense as Evan’s friends start thinking Eddie is super cool and Evan feels like a nerd by comparison. I thought Evan was proud of being a nerd, but he is at that age where what people think about you is the most important thing.



  • Ok, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, while we don’t want to break up just before the “wedding” — by which we mean season finale — a mysterious penultimate episode called “I Have A Date.” Does she have a date with one of the three suitors: Nathaniel, Greg, or, original show premise, Josh? All three, in a wacky classic sitcom trope? Are we introducing a new element this late in the game (although we admit, the “Love Pentagon” music interlude would be fun af). Really, we’re with you, but man does this show love to put fans through the ringer. And The CW’s trailer for it DOES look really cool.
  • Boardwalk Empire creator Bash Doran returns with the UK Channel 4 series Traitors, an (as of now) 6-episode Post-WWII-set mini-series about a Brit spying on her country for Americans. USA! USA! It drops on Netflix today.
  • Its that dating episode of Black Mirror taken to a new extreme, as French sci-fi series Osmosis imagines a world where a dating app digs into your mind’s crevices to find your 100% match. Is it utopia or dystopia; you decide! Netflix hooks you up with a season of it today.
  • Also on Netflix, the critically acclaimed UK high school pals comedy On My Block returns for a second season, but post-Jamal’s discovery, it’s now sort of high school heist comedy, perhaps a teenage Claws (which is also blessedly coming back soon). Either way, it looks fantastic.
  • Finally, if you’re of a political bent, especially liberal, while the host part of Real Time With Bill Maher may not always be perfect, but the guests tend to be libsgasmic (we are SOOOO sorry). Tonight, it’s Preet Bharara and 2020 Democratic Presidential Campaign Man-of-the-Absolute Moment Pete Buttigeg, fresh off his third-place finish in an Iowa straw poll. And sorry for presuming the worst about at least half your grandpas.


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