What To Watch: 03/28/2019

Happy Schurday! It’s always a holiday here when there’s a show Michael Schur has a hand in (this one’s actually created by Josh Malmuth), given his success rate (The Good Place, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) — that the show also has Natalie Morales and Mike Flynn is a plus. We’ve also got a new show from the folks at Broken Lizard. Meanwhile, life continues to go on after Tim Gunn, and the Jonah & Amy fallout continues to, well, fall out. Oh, also, one of our all-time favorite shows bows out forever. And lots of professional baseball and college basketball, as one starts its season and the other sprints towards its end: of course, that’s mentioned to fuel a segue to remind you to vote in our March Madness, where we’re in our Round of 32 for one more day!

Abby’s [NBC, 9:30p]
NBC’s newest sitcom stars Natalie Morales as Abby, the proprietor of San Diego’s hottest new bar: an unlicensed affair in her backyard. Regular are family (maybe literally, but probably not), drink beer, and hopefully aren’t hurt by health code violations. Neil Flynn and Jessica Chaffin are among the regulars; Abby’s backyard is so improbably large that she has staff, a bouncer, tables, and a grill. (Damn, why didn’t I try this?) The sitcom is the first of its kind in that it’s filmed in front of a live studio audience…outside!

Tacoma FD [TruTV, 10:30p]
After Reno 911, I’m always ready to give a half hour comedy about a Western U.S. city municipal department from members of a cult comedy troupe a chance. Enjoyment probably hinges on how much you liked Broken Lizard’s other material, like Super Troopers 2. I’m a bit mixed, although their first film, Puddle Cruiser had some classic moments, so we’ll see.

Project Runway [Bravo, 8p]
I was very skeptical of this new season. Is it really Project Runway without Tim and Heidi? I’ve been really pleasantly surprised. The designers are super talented, each with their own distinct point of view. Most of them are older than thirty which I find very refreshing considering the trend in reality television to only cast people in their twenties. This week the designers will be challenged to work with bold prints.



  • Perhaps it’s a sign that it’s “time” that it’s Screen Scholars one-time yearly top show Broad City‘s series finale, and none of us thought to recommend it. However, we thank Abbi & Ilana for all the awkward joy they’ve given us, and surely none of us will miss the chance to say goodbye to our favorite East Village twosome on Comedy Central.
  • But if you like NYC pairs with shows on Comedy Central, Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke will be back next year chasing dreams and chasing Chase Dreams with the wonderful The Other Two. In tonight’s first season finale, Chase sings at the VMAs.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day at Cloud 9, so will it be fraught or beautiful for our budding Superstore couple, Jonah and Amy? We think you know the answer. Bringing the fraught, it’s Dina’s birds whose visit to the store does not go well to say the least. N-B-C!
  • We weren’t sure what an Ainori Love Wagon was, but a show with that title debuts on Netflix today so we looked it up. Ainori means (roughly) “ride together.” This show is the second season of Love Journey, a reality program where seven Japanese singles take a ride on a boat in hopes of coming to shore coupled up. Um, anybody else see a mathematical problem here.
  • There’s quite a few reality shows returning tonight, but we’re gonna highlight TruTV’s Impractical Jokers, the long-running prank show that’s always somewhat better than it has any right to be, thanks to its almost likable foursome of leads.
  • Last week on NBC’s A.P. Bio, a clever heist featuring nuns, a Mary statue, a driver’s ed car, and a dropped retainer reminded us why this program is one of the most underrated on television. This week, Jack has to deal with the fact he’s not a Top 10 bachelor in Toledo (while Patton Oswalt’s Principal Durbin is).
  • Also it’s Major League Baseball’s opening day and the NCAA Sweet 16 tip-off, and for that you can flip around the channels, because both will be on many.

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