What To Watch: 03/26/2019

It’s not a shiny Tuesday, filled with debuts, finales, or new specials, but there’s some cool stuff to watch ne’retheless.

Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid [Netflix]
What with the world on fire and all, we could all use a good clean laugh right now, no? There’s nothing tricky about Bargatze, but as he showed on the same network’s The Standups, he’s one of the funniest comics working today. And his new hour-long special is intro’d by his daughter — isn’t that comforting?

This Is Us [NBC, 9p]
We’re a week away from the season finale and it looks like Randell and Beth are headed toward Splitsville and I just can’t even take it. Beth and Randall have always been the stability in the show and now even that is in jeopardy. Really not sure how I will go on if they can’t work things out. Let’s see what juicy flashbacks we have in store tonight to help give us more context into our fave relationship.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
Last week Callie and Mariana had another visit with their moms. Callie introduced Jamie as her boyfriend and Mariana convinced the white women in her office that you can’t fight the gender pay gap without acknowledging the race pay gap. This week is Gael’s art show! It looks like Callie and Gael have been spending some time together as friends. How will Brian feel about it? Probably not good because he is a gross possessive baby.

MasterChef Junior [Fox, 8p]
The pint-size chefs de-bone a fish. They have nimble fingers and I believe in them!


  • It is a very special episode of Hoarders — or at least a unique angle for the show designed to drive Marie Kondo and her ilk to tears — as in this episode, A&E’s clean-up crew’s target actually has a purpose for her acquisition as she is a registered nurse whose retirement career of reselling items on the internet became so successful it outgrew 3{?!} houses.
  • It’s a bad day for Bakula on NCIS: New Orleans as Pride has lost his position and now has to return to his old office to take on the latest dark maritime case.

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