March Madness: Reboot/Spinoff: Round Two

For the sake of clarity, and your lunch hour, I’ve combined both polls into one post for the Reboot/Spinoff division. You can thank me in the comments, and you can pick for your favorite new wave shows under the [curling reference unavailable] below.

Charmed cast a spell over Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, taking 66.7 percent of the vote. Now it faces Good Trouble, who overcame Grownish with 88.9 percent of the vote. Two dramas on cable, both about sisters.

Murphy Brown defeated Magnum P.I. with 51 percent of the vote. I would be surprised, but as I said before, Jay Hernandez is very handsome. He also probably defeated ISIS in only one episode. Murphy Brown, which is more a continuation of a longtime after a reboot (the only one of its kind left in this category) will now battle Roswell, New Mexico, the brand new teen CW drama. Roswell, New Mexico, a resurrected Roswell, took literally all the votes against The Conners. I thought only Jason and I were watching The Conners, but I guess Jason has moved on from the ABC comedy too! Life is full of surprises.

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