March Madness: That’s Too Much, Man!

Good morning! Tuesday morning is a great time to address your feels. You know, your problems with abandonment and general concern that the world is going to shit. You’ll see that’s what we’re dealing with when you cross home plate. That’s right, BoJack Horseman, was, somehow, voted out. Adventure Time claimed 75 percent of the vote. The editors have been mum about these shows, likely because it’s tough to openly claim a favorite between the very good, very sad, animated programs.

You’re the Worst, in its final season, took 66.7 percent of the vote against Forever, likely because I am the only person in America that binged the Maya Rudolph comedy. (The Good Place, but if they were already married.)

Here’s Navani on You’re the Worst:

Can two horrible people be good for each other? The final season proves to be just as absurd and rebellious as ever as we watch two commitment-phobes continue towards the path of matrimony — on their terms. That means quickies at venue appointments and bachelorette party buses with fake murder scenes. Watching these deplorable people interact sure has been fun. 

Tell us who’s the best below:

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