March Madness: Family Affair: Family Reunion! (Round Two)

It’s our last polls of the night. Remember how generous I was during your lunch hour? Allow me to do you a favor again, with two polls in one post. It’s a family reunion of our Family Affairs division because when you’re on this blog, you’re family.

This Is Us received 75 percent of the vote against its clone, A Million Little ThingsSchitt’s Creek also received 75 percent of the vote against its challenger, One Day at A Time. Navani loves all of these shows, so I’ll have her take it from here, starting with This Is Us:

The big three return with more tear-jerking and life-altering moments. Kevin travels around the world looking for answers about his father and Randall finds purpose in his new position as a city councilman but at what cost? Kate is venturing on the journey of motherhood with all its frights and dangers. So much going on but the one thing that’s constant is that Mandy Moore is still killing it as pan-generational Rebecca. 
And Schitt’s CreekAnother season of monochromatic sweaters and verbose vocabulary returns as we watch the Roses continue to thrive in season five. This show started out mocking celebrity culture has managed to evolve and grow its characters in such a way they’ve become like family; even if it’s a dysfunctional family. This season Moira tackles directing Cabaret, while Stevie tackles her role in it.

In our fight for animated family, We Bare Bears was no match for the Crystal Gems, coming out with 80 percent of the vote. Sorry, Steven Universe. Now the bear brothers will face Fresh Off the Boat, who took 80 percent of the vote against The Other Two. Here’s Brad on We Bare Bears:

It is always fun to watch the three adoptive bear brothers, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear try to fit into human society in the Bay Area. 

And here’s what Fiona said last week about our favorite family in Orlando:

Now in its fifth season, Fresh Off the Boat continues to shine as a delightful family comedy. The whole family is growing up, Jessica is looking to start a new career, Evan has started dating, and Eddie is gaining independence with his new driver’s license. This season another Chinese family has finally moved to Orlando! We’ve really been able to see Jessica’s growth as a person and mother by her interactions. Honey and Marvin are in the throes of new parenthood, but both are enough to provide the Huangs much needed advice.

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