What To Watch: 03/25/2019

Our recs all involve battles of some sort, from the return of a History Channel show that deals with those who fought centuries ago to a the real-life stories of powerful women who helped stop a war to singers of songs going up against each other in our favorite singing contest that does not involve elaborate costuming.

Knightfall [History, 10p]
Landry needs to redeem himself after his affair with Queen Joan. Will he be able to get back in the good graces of the Knights Templar? We’ll know soon enough as the second season gets underway tonight.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
Tonight we head into the beginning of the battle round. Teammates are pitted against each other in an epic song battle. My favorite part is when the judges immediately regret pairing up their best singers because they want to keep them both! It’s always a fun dramatic twist when another judge steals them away.

Women, War & Peace II [PBS, 9p]
This installment of the excellent PBS documentary looks at the Ireland-Northern Ireland conflict and the women who crossed religious lines to try to resolve peace — and a lasting peace.



  • Has it really been 8 seasons of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta? Stevie J and Faith Evans return to ATL, newly married, as Spice pushes her career to a WNL.
  • The History Channel goes even further back tonight, looking at the real life existence of the Son of God and King of the Jews with Jesus: His Life.
  • It’s choosing time for Felicity on the one Arrowverse show airing tonight — the original one, it’s Arrow on The CW.

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