March Madness: Reality Competition: Oh, that’s nice

Oh dear, or me, oh my. There’s only two programs left for our Nice reality shows. (We have a few other Nice shows in other brackets, don’t worry!) Which of our Oh, That’s Nice is your Tim Riggins? Get below the fold and start voting!

Oh, but first, what happened Thursday? Well, we had an upset: the Netflix-revived Queer Eye, now in its second season, gained only 29 percent of the votes! It’s not our worst upset of the year, but it’s a surprise nevertheless, to find that Guy’s Grocery Games would take 71.4 percent of the vote in that game. (Was there ballot stuffing? I don’t know; what happens when I’m at the bar stays at the bar.)

Making It! also took 71.4 percent of the vote, which is a big surprise, since it trounced America’s favorite baking show The Great British Bake-Off.

Fiona lent her fanaticism for both shows earlier, and I’d like to share them again:

Making It! has all the kindness of The Great British Bake-off with a Pinterest spin. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are delightful hosts; both supportive of the contestants and full of jokes. Making It! follows the format of one mini-challenge, which they call the “faster craft,” and one bigger challenge, which they call the “master craft.” They call the contestants “Makers” and give out patches to each challenge winner; the Makers are competing for $100,000 and the title of “Master Maker.” Contestants have different styles and specialties, ranging for woodworking to felt art to paper craft. Each art form is treated with the same respect and reverence. Making It! truly elevates the world of crafting.

A combination of sorts, Guy’s Grocery Games is part Chopped, part Supermarket Sweep and part absurd. Deep in the heart of “Flavortown” (Guy’s Grocery Store), contestants compete while overcoming ridiculous challenges. The challenges can range in difficulty from making the chefs play skee ball to determine their food budget to cart swaps where the chefs must think up an entirely new menu using their competitors’ ingredients. At the end of the episode, instead of giving the winner prize money, the winner is given the opportunity to win $20,000 by running through Flavortown to collect a list of items in under two minutes (this is where the Supermarket Sweep mentality comes in). Each episode has new challenges and themes.

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