March Madness: Pleasant Acres: We Are Family

Are you feeling George Costanza good? Because we’ve eliminated two shows in the Family subdivision of Pleasant Acres. If you’re feeling an Elaine level of confidence, dip below the fold and choose your favorite to name the title in We Are Family.

But before you can Yada Yada Yada you’re way out of here, let’s talk stats. Jane the Virgin eked out a win against GLOW with 62.5 percent of the votes.  Kim’s Convenience had a wider margin, with 71.4 percent of the votes in its game with Grace and Frankie.

Fiona loves both of these shows, so I asked her to talk you into them:

Kim’s Convenience and Jane the Virgin both feature strong women and close-knit immigrant families. Janet and Jane each in their own ways, seek out their independence while remaining ever present in their family’s lives. While Kim’s Convenience is a comedy and Jane the Virgin is a drama, both shows range from hilarity to somberness.

Jane the Virgin is coming up on its last season, and Jane will have to make some big decisions. What does it mean if her husband isn’t dead after all? How does she come to terms with this after taking years to come to terms with being a widow? And how will this affect her currently blossoming relationship with Rafael? This show’s heightened drama comes from its modeling of classic telenovelas, but that is also where the hilarity shines through. Even in the most dramatic moments, we are able to acknowledge the absurdity of a situation (often through the help of our ever-present narrator). 

Kim’s Convenience comes to us from Canada, as many wonderful shows have before, and has been renewed for a fourth season! Janet continues to inch towards independence while trying to remain respectful and thankful for her family. She loves them so much; it’s hard to balance being her own person being their daughter. The pressure is doubled by the estrangement of Jung, Janet’s older brother. Both Janet and her mother have worked to mend Jung’s relationship with his father and it’s grown less contentious over the years, but it’s still awkward. All of this tension diffuses into comedic moments. There is never a dull day at Kim’s Convenience where Appa and Umma navigate customer service and life. 

Both shows highlight badass women (mostly) doing it for themselves, but also accepting help from their dedicated families. 

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