March Madness: Pleasant Acres: A Place to Visit

Only two of our shows from Pleasant Acres: A Place to Visit made it to the finish line. Now, only two remain. Warm up your waffle iron, and lace up your kicks, to vote below the fold.
Before I fire the starter: Who was left in the dust? In one of our two upsets, High Maintenance and Terrace House both received zero votes.

I’m gobsmacked. I once toured New Orleans on foot for two hours and listened to a firm lecture on the significance of Terrace House and it was given not one vote. (“Real World, if it didn’t suck!” I thought through a haze of mediocre coffee and rum.)

As for High Maintenance, well, I guess no one’s watching my show when it airs on HBO. Seriously, though, no one saw “Cruise,” the season finale? Michael Cyril Creighton’s Patrick, on a walking tour of New York City! I’m not crying, you’re crying, Helen Hunt.

That forces Bob’s Burgers into the ring with The Good Place. Last year these light-hearted, beloved comedies were in the finals together. Now the editors will have to reckon with the toughest decision of the tournament.

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