March Madness: Females Are Strong As Hell: Women Be Doing It For…Someone

So I stacked a lot of female shows together, and probably not enough elsewhere, meaning we could see our final four being bunch-a shows about dudes. That was shortsighted as fighting with your bestie over your strung out (but so handsome, damn) soccer coach.

Lend an assist for that goal to see what’s left under net!

Grey’s Anatomy won with 60 percent of the vote. My condolences to American Housewife, but what has Katie ever done? Has she saved lives in the bowels of a crashed plane? Highlighted the plight of the Black woman trying to get decent medicare care? Unfortunately, a General Slocum (never forget!) joke isn’t enough to save an ABC comedy in the first round.

Broad City, which won the first year we hosted March Madness, defeated The Crown with 83 percent of the vote. Maybe I’m not alone in a seething dislike for the Queen of England. Or maybe the aged Millenials are just more preferred; unclear.

Here’s Navani on Broad City:

In it’s fifth and final season our fave BFFs are exploring deeper relationships, life outside of NYC, and different career paths. Could it be they are, gasp, growing up!? While there is still plenty of yassssssing and other grotesque shenanigans to resemble the show we’ve come to love, there is the idea that they might be starting to outgrow the antics we’ve come to expect of them. It’s been a good run, but after five years they are ready to move on and so are we. 
If you’re seeking insight on Grey’s Anatomy, here’s what Fiona had to say, from Round One:

A staple of Shondaland, Grey’s Anatomy is fifteen seasons in and still going strong. These days Grey’s Anatomy focuses less on medicine and more on relationships. Perhaps because the medicine they’re doing at this point is based on pretend medical inventions. Meredith Grey continues to be a central focus and after a few seasons of mourning she is back in the relationship drama game, Owen has found himself in yet another love triangle with Teddy and Amelia, Bailey can’t seem to decrease her stress no matter what she cuts out of her life (including Ben Warren!), and Alex and Jo have somehow become the golden couple.

Vote for your shows below, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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