March Madness: That’s Too Much, Man! and Let’s Get Drunk

Welcome back to March Madness! I hope voting fatigue hasn’t set in, because we have four rounds of voting. By day’s end, we’ll have gone from 64 programs to 32! And congratulations to you for making some tough decisions.

We’ll knock out two shows each from That’s Too Much Man!, which yes, does include its inspiration, BoJackHorseman. We’ll knock out two from our boozy brackets, Let’s Get Drunk.

That’s Too Much Man! packs eight shows heavy with feelings. Adventure Time, which recently wrapped, finds an adversary in BoJack Horseman.

Adventure Time, a hallmark of Hot Topic merchandise was a grand, epic, animated series filled with heart, sweetness, silliness, and heartbreak. It delights children and adults alike.

And I would be remiss to talk over Jason, who waited patiently for me to finally binge Netflix’s other best show (because, really, thank god they acquired Kim’s Convenience), BoJack Horseman:

“You never get a happy ending, ’cause there’s always more show. I guess, until there isn’t.” Bojack Horseman, the series, will continue to have more show and chase that elusive happy ending, but Bojack, the character, in season five, stretched the limits of just how far we’ll follow and forgive him. Like Diane said at season’s end, are there no good or bad people, or is this just an excuse to watch more show (and maybe forgive ourselves the unforgivable)? Bojack, both character and program, have become harder to watch, but arguably that’s why it’s one of TV’s most intelligent, worthwhile, and important shows.

While it’s hooves vs. rainbows, Forever gives You’re the Worst a hard stare. Forever, released late last year on Amazon, was easily the best show of the year (given that it didn’t rank in our end-of-year series, it wasn’t watched by many). A darker take on themes on The Good Place, Forever is deeply funny and moving.

You’re the Worst is wrapping its final season. The comedy is snippy, dark, and fun, but often feels like a lens into my id. At least the sun shines, there.

We can’t let the noon hour pass with just one poll. Let’s Get Drunk covers a breadth of ground. Drunk History, which features “drunk” comedians telling stories faces Sweetbitter, a dramedy about an aspiring sommelier. Here’s Jason on Drunk History:

Derek Waters’ premise has remained the same from the show’s creation on the web — an actor or writer gets plastered and tells what he or she can remember of an off-the-beaten-path historical event, as a repertory cast and game celebrity guest stars re-enact the fractured tales as best they can. However, by this year’s sixth season Waters has built a veritable family around his storytellers as the themes have become more complex — even spending a whole episode on Frankenstein (and his monster).

Sweetbitter is only six episodes, and…” received mixed to negative reviews.” Well, this seemed like a good idea at the time.

As for Bravo’s cult favorites, both feature rich, affluent, spoiled White people behaving badly. You know what’s oddly satisfying, when a man named Jax is fired because his ongoing cocaine problem (which drives business!) is too much. (Hey, she was pretty sympathetic and loving in her firing.) Vanderpump Rules takes a fight about pasta and makes it riveting. “Wow, Angelinos are serious about your carbs,” you think from the safety of your pizza-grease smeared dome, and then you realize it’s code for cocaine. Southern Charm is a mess too: when I started last March it gave me nightmares. It’s a reminder that despite two films about RGB last year (an argument I use a lot, sorry) the patriarchy has its claws in the system. Later seasons find the women sticking together, which means that cheap, manufactured drama is buoyed by the lack of female in-fighting (thank god, these men are no prize).

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