What To Watch: 03/21/2019

When life is skittles and life is beer, weather gets warmer, our thoughts tend towards even more obscure references, and March Madness washes all over us. Of course, that’s our annual Screen Scholars March Madness, which we’re tipping off in two hours (or less, depending on when you read this). We’ll also throw a bone to those five-men college teams throwing large balls through hoops, but mainly, it’s time for everyone to vote for their favorite TV shows until ONLY ONE REMAINS! But here’s some viewing suggestions for tonight, when you’re flush in the afterglow of having voted!

2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament [CBS, TNT, TBS, etc., 12p]
There’s always room for an original, and this year my alma mater is in the field (which is oddly becoming an annual event). Buffalo earned the highest seed (six) ever given to a MAC team. Ok, there’s also great programs like Duke, Kentucky, Gonzaga, and Michigan State, and other possible fun cinderellas like Wofford, UC Irvine, Nevada, UCF, and others. The action starts at 12p. Vote for your favorite shows as you watch.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
The gang gets snowed in at the store, which is my personal nightmare, and probably yours!

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
The chaos in Gotham City comes to a head and Bruce, et al, find out the source and it’s a familiar figure from Batman lore.



  • Waka Flocka Flame married Tammy Rivera in 2014, so is We TV just figuring that out now with its special, Waka & Tammy Tie The Knot. Or is their renewal of vows something to do with that other We TV show the pair is on: Marriage Boot Camp. Well, obviously, the latter, but good on them for staying relevant while keeping the flame alive.
  • French superstar soccer player Antoine Griezmann is the latest Netflix documentary to celebrate international sports, this one perhaps the brightest new star in the world’s biggest sports: Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend debuts today.
  • Grey’s Anatomy was a player at last year’s Screen Scholars March Madness. Its 2019 fate is still up in the air in the tourney (if not at ABC, where Shonda Rhimes’ original story is THE tentpole), but tonight’s episode sounds interesting with its mood rooms and rebellious, surgery-sabotaging pre-teen. Plus the title name checks a Violent Femmes song, so bonus points or demerits from us depending on which Scholar you talk to.
  • It’s a bit of a concept episode at NBC’s A.P. Bio, as all the action takes place in “real time” during the first half hour of a school day. Up next, Rosa has been hiding a girlfriend from Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but then that seems like something both of those characters would be OK with. And all roads lead back to March Madness as B99 is another returning favorite to our bracket.
  • Finally, there’s the usual (and terrific) Comedy Central two-show line-up combining one program coming in as another goes out. Broad City — midway through its farewell tour — starts it off as the ladies take a “trip,” and not hard to guess what that means, while Chase Dreams, Cary, Brooke, and Chase’s screaming fans take an actual trip, confined together on an airplane on The Other Two.

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