What To Watch: 03/19/2019

Amy Schumer, coming off the wrongfully maligned I Feel Pretty, is back home on stage with a fresh Netflix stand-up special reflecting her new location in life. Meanwhile, NBC unveils its new weeper, an outspoken comic who gave the definitive rant on gun control returns a few days after a mass shooting next door to his home country, and Acorn brings out its latest moody Scandinavian detective show — that’s it pictured centrally below — look how moody it is, how moody that dog is.

Amy Schumer: Growing [Netflix]
Amy gets real about marriage (and Coachella flower crowns) and her miserable pregnancy in her new Netflix special.

The Jim Jefferies Show [Comedy, 10:30p]
Comedian Jim Jeffries is back for a new season of his talk show. Expect irreverent but heartfelt takes on politics and American culture.

The Truth Will Out [Acorn]
Sounding a bit like a Swedish The Wire, but with cold case murders instead of gangs as the focus — this show starts with an intriguing premise as Detective Peter Wendel uses the debunking of a serial killer to collect a ragtag group of investigators to look into the eight now unsolved murders.



  • NBC aims for the heartstrings again with The Village, a tale of Brooklyn loves and losses, and so far the buzz is not quite up to the level of their marquis tearjerker, but often these series need time to grow, and it will likely get that.
  • Of course, NBC pairs it with the aforementioned This Is Us, whose episode title “Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” is just perfect. Prepare your tears to be jerked.
  • Rob Lowe has apparently somehow evaded #MeToo and, when not tacitly supporting Trump, he’s hosting the latest willfully complicated game show. He may not be a Mental Samurai but that’s the name of this program blending obstacle course acuity with trivia knowledge. It’s on Fox.
  • Black-ish, as it so often does, takes on a softer side of racism tonight as well-off Dre & Bow’s daughter Kyra is treated like a charity case when applying for a preferred prep school. On ABC.

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