What To Watch: 03/17/2019

Not quite as insane a week as last where we covered 20 shows, but still a pretty active St. Patrick’s Night of programming if you are still standing up. And if nothing there moves you, and you’re hopelessly Irish, like at least 2/5 of us, we’re sure the Clancy Brothers are on somewhere.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
The question that we hoped to see answered in this week’s episode of the walking dead is how does Beta get out of the elevator shaft? And what will his next move be? Will he go after Daryl and get revenge? Will he go back to Alpha? And what’s up with Negan?

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
As a lover of little guys fighting a faceless powerful force and a sucker for anthropomorphizing unloved creatures, I’m drawn to this episode where Gene convinces the Belcher child council to save a blobbish animal from the encroaching yacht club.

The Quiet Man [TCM, 8p]
More appropriate for the holiday than an exclusionary parade or The Boondock Saints, John Wayne’s best movie (there, I said it!) finds the actor as an Irish-American traveling to Ireland to find himself (after tragedy, naturally). He falls in love, he’s the aggressor of gentrification–this 1952 movie has it all.



  • Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades enters season 4 of Showtime’s Billions deposed as U.S. Attorney. Maybe he wouldn’t have lost his job if he smiled more. He’d definitely be cuter.
  • Who will be number ones? Who will be snubbed? How high will Buffalo’s highest ever in the MAC seed turn out to be (ok, Jason definitely wrote that one). The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Selection Show is on CBS tonight.
  • A Lifetime movie whose name sounds Cinderella, but is in reality closer to The Bad SeedMommy’s Little Princess tells the tale of young adoptee Lizzee, whose adoring mother treats her to an ancestry test. When findings show that she is from royal lineage, Lizzie loses her sweetness and becomes truly devious and dangerous.
  • Reelz takes a look back at the too short life of Riverdale and Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry — who died of a stroke last week at age 52 — with Luke Perry: In His Own Words.

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