What To Watch: 03/15/2019

Beware the Ides of March, because in the age of Peak TV (have we mentioned it’s Peak TV in the last few days — well, it is) that means more new programming than you could possibly watch in a weekend, so let’s just dig in. There’s really a lot — we’re barely even going to get into the return of Rebecca Bunch for her last few shows before a butter ad finally tells her what her bliss truly is.

Shrill [Hulu]
This new comedy series stars Aidy Bryant (SNL‘s overlooked gem of a comedian) as Annie, “a woman who seeks to change her life without changing her body.” It’s about time Bryant had a sitcom of her own.

Queer Eye [Netflix]
The Fab Five are baaack and not a minute too soon. We can all use a dose of their positive, heart-warming mojo right about now. They are taking over Kansas City, Missouri this season. Besides the new locale, we can look forward to new clients too — the third season boasts more women AND the first lesbian of the series. OMG, Cute! Get the tissues ready, henny!

Arrested Development [Netflix]
The first half of the season was a bit of a — well, an absolute mess, up until it’s midway finale’s crazy parade (unveiling an addition to the universe played by Frances Conroy). However, if there’s one thing Mitchell Hurwitz’s series has shown time and time again in the past, it’s the ability to tie all the weird loose ends into a barrage of craziness that only builds to the end. And I’m always ready for as much Henry Winkler as possible, be it as Barry Zuckerhorn, Gene Cousineau, or old clips of Arthur Fonzarelli. Oddly enough, he may be the one actor who will never jump the shark.

Love, Death & Robots [Netflix]
Tim Miller and David Fincher deliver a peek inside the dark side of culture with the new animated anthology series Love, Death and Robots. Missing MTV’s Liquid Television? Welcome to your new obsession.



  • Last season of Catastrophe ended dark, culminating in a bloody Rob getting carted out for a DUI, but what do you expect from a show with said title. It all unravels further when the fourth season drops on Amazon Prime tonight.
  • When we last saw Rachel Bloom’s universe back in early February, Rebecca broke up with Greg and the rest of the gang were at the precipices of possible new chapters of their lives. There are only four episodes and a concert special of The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend left, and check the episode titles for more confusion and excitement. Tonight, she’s finding her bliss.
  • What if the world’s sexiest and most beloved movie and TV star had a new Netflix series, a comedy, and it were mostly ignored, let’s say an obscure website even listed it as the seventh item on its daily round-up? Idris Elba premieres as a DJ today with Turn Up Charlie.
  • What if yet another of history’s worst shows was returning — well, this one returned last year. The brides are back, exclamation point! Bridezillas is on WeTV.
  • If I Hadn’t Met You was a critical hit in its home country of Spain in December of last year, and now the moody tale of a man who has created a portal to different universes to find one where his wife did not die in a tragic accident premieres on Netflix.

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