What To Watch: 03/14/2019

One long-running Bravo reality show goes out for the season, another one comes in. There’s such balance in reality TV nature! Or is there, as the cast of that familiar returner feels, well, less familiar now that a greater power took its Gunn away. Aaaand on that note, here’s some recs.

Project Runway [Bravo, 8p]
The 16 designers are revealed for the latest go-around of the legendary fashion competition, but (as we are beating into the ground) something is different. Tim Gunn is gone — as is Heidi Klum — and Nina Garcia (whom we shant bore) is the only remaining “character” from the original crew. If the new mentor weren’t the eternally endearing fourth season champ Christian Siriano, I’d probably give up on the whole affair, but as it is, I’ll give this alien iteration a shot. So, who’s in for my PR fantasy league?

Top Chef [Bravo, 9:30p]
Tonight’s three chefs are making the meal of their lives but…only two get to serve the full meal. Damn, that’s a harsh twist.

2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards [Fox, 8p]
T-Pain isn’t on a boat anymore! He’s hosting the iHeartRadio music awards! With performances by Arianna Grande, Garth Brooks, John Legend and more artists who deserve exclamation points!



  • The Good Wife spin-off The Good Fight enters its — that can’t be right — third season on CBS All-Access, and according to image above, Emmy Award winner Christine Baranski has discovered the joys of recreational axe throwing, but that would still be way less embarrassing than anything she did in Marci X — the Lisa Kudrow rap battle flick that is a thing that exists.
  • Comedy Central’s one-two flurry of NYC-flava’d buddy comedies continues as siblings Cary and Brooke contend with figures from their past as their superstar bro turns 14 on The Other Two, but first, Abbi has some news to tell Ilana that could mar their friendship — while also propelling us towards the four and three and two and one of the series finale — on Broad City.

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