What To Watch: 03/13/2019

It’s the return of the glitz and the glamour of the Fox line-up, but that’s not where our eyes are (nor upon where we rec your gaze turns). We’re going with a pair of favorite comedies and a soon-to-be-cult-classic sci-fi.



Deadly Class [Syfy, 10p]
Chester has taken over Shabnam’s house and the students hatch a plan to take it back. The episode is called “Children of the Black Hole” so I have a feeling things will get complicated.

Schitt’s Creek [Pop, 10p]
Moira takes a break from directing Cabaret to take a road trip with Johnny, with a few speed bumps along the way. David runs into an old colleague who runs a store that looks oddly similar to his own. Awkward!

Documentary Now! [IFC, 10p]
It’s been an incredible season for the kings of mockumentary. This week, in a parody of Dear Mr. Watterson, it’s “Searching For Mr. Larson: A Love Letter From The Far Side” as the attention shifts from the Calvin & Hobbes stripper to, well, it’s all in the episode title.



  • Fox’s one-two punch of the perils of fame, Empire and StarStar return, and while I’ve missed the gossip rags the last few weeks, I sure hope there’s not some sort of scandal or meta-example of said “perils of fame” in the cast of either show.
  • It’s a military parable! It’s a heist-gone-wrong flick! Ben Affleck leads a cast of ragtag ex-soldiers looking for one last score in Triple Frontier, which “opens” (bite me, Mr. Spielberg) on Netflix.
  • Sorry, Tina Belcher, but A&E’s Zombie House Flipping (which returns tonight) is not about actual walking dead picking up homes by their foundations and turning them upside down, but the tale of Justin Stamper and his crew selling long-abandoned properties.

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