What To Watch: 03/12/2019

On a relatively quiet Tuesday, there’s still stuff to do … by which we mean stuff to watch — including a veteran standup’s special, a double-shot of a reliable office satire, and a better Star Is Born.

Jimmy Carr: The Best Of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits [Netflix]
He’s a legend as comic and presenter in the UK, but less of a familiar face here. His style of comedy can be a bit, well, throwback, but the K-Tel-infused theme kind of leans into this and furthermore, when he hits a comic beat, he’s one of the funniest out there.

Corporate [Comedy, 10p]
Matt goes on vacation which forces Jake to share his office with someone new . Knowing the show it will be a nightmare.

A Star Is Born [TCM, 8p]
Now that Bradley Cooper’s remake is back in theaters, treat yourself to the original 1937 film, about a young actress from North Dakota determined to make it in Hollywood.



  • Bob Saget returns to his other network home, clip shows, with Videos After Dark on ABC, and despite the title and Saget’s secret aptitude for the raunch, this is on at 10 p.m. so will clearly not be all that subversive.
  • 24 new kids return to get the gentler-Ramsey treatment as they show off their cooking skillz on the seventh season of MasterChef Junior on Fox.
  • For fans of Japanese reality, Netflix drops the final six episodes of Terrace House: Opening New Doors on the heels of the announcement of the approval of a seventh season to take place in Tokyo.

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