What To Watch: 03/10/2019

It’s no lazy Sunday (check out the 18 tags) led by one of the gaudiest programs to hit television this decade’s return for a second season — that it’s an adaption from the work of Neil Gaiman is unsurprising. We also have full Showtime and HBO line-ups, mysteries involving … crosswords{?!}, heist dramedies, Serial debunkers, a departed soul queen is celebrated, zombies walk on, chefs battle, Dicks remain tricky, Bostonians wrangle fishies, and Florida cults are exposéd — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg that is Sunday night television … and it’s not even sweeps week.

American Gods [Starz, 8p]
The battle between the new and old gods continues on the second season of American Gods. Will we learn Mr. World’s true identity? Will Shadow Moon still be caught in the middle? Probably.

The Case Against Adnan Syed [HBO, 9p]
I never fell into the Serial podcast (not by design, just never got caught up in it). However, lately, I have been obsessed with HBO’s weekly documentary, and am always up for a contrary opinion (and not feeling great right now about men of my gender) — just have to binge-hear (is that a word now?) Sarah Koenig’s classic this weekend.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
Bob takes a day off (itself a feat) only to do the same work in another shop.



  • Nervous, but secretly hip party guest Daniel Weissman and his cards pal, and perhaps future aunt-in-law, Georgette may not be willing to pony up for Starz, but that does not mean the Power and Boss network is not worth it. We mentioned the returning American Gods above, and it’s paired with a new comedy series from film director Gregg Araki and Slutever founder Karley Sciortino — Now Apocalypse features a quartet of adventurous 20-something L.A. friends anchored by Avan Jogia‘s Ulysses, whose fever dreams are beginning to make him question his sanity (now, there’s a twist).
  • Late R&B, rock, and gospel legend and forever Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is feted by the folks who brought us the largest (if by default) musical awards on CBS’ Aretha! A Grammy Celebration.
  • Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman squares off against the real Cake Boss (Cake Boss!) on the new Food Network creation: Buddy vs. Duff.
  • CNN is airing a docu-series about our previously most impeachable prez Richard Milhouse Nixon with Tricky Dick, and we’re gonna bet a certain vain current president is gonna definitely think this show is about him (won’t he? won’t he?).
  • Before Bob makes his burgers, The Simpsons finally meet playwright and actor Wallace Shawn, who waaaay back in Season 4 was subject of one of the show’s all time best gags (see below) in an episode whose title is a classic late-era Beatles song.
  • So, Rio is pushing the Good Girls to up their game and move into a new level of criminality — muuuuurder! Except the target is rapey ol’ Boomer, so would it even count. It’s on NBC.
  • AMC’s tentpole, The Walking Dead, promises much Ezekiel, Daryl, and Whisperers if the trailer of “Checkpoint” is to be believed.
  • Oxygen presents the story of an infamous 1980s Miami cult leader with Uncovered: The Cult of Yahweh ben Yahweh.
  • We’re starting to run out of energy with so much on, so let’s just group the cable behemoth line-ups in single bullets, starting with Showtime’s Sunday night collection of ShamelessBlack Monday, and SMILF.
  • Not TV, HBO, with True Detective‘s much improved third season wrapped up, replaces that with the aforementioned Adnan Syed doc, while Crashing and High Maintenance‘s seasons carry on, as Pete is now alone again (naturally), but The Guy is still a-courtin’ Britt Lower.
  • Finally, on the cuteness/mystery trail, Hallmark (of course) debuts one of its most ridiculous themes with Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle To Die For and as a site of xword fiends, we just don’t know how to feel about this.

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