What To Watch: 03/09/2019

SNL is on a two-host streak of above average hosts (and shows), and looks to keep that alive if Idris Elba’s swagger in the promos (or as Stringer Bell, or as Luther, or in his entire acting career) is any indication. It’s really our only recommendation, but if you’re feeling some kind of way about marriage — and really either kind of way as long as there’s some passion about it — Saturday seems to have a bit of a wedded-bliss-queeeestion-mark theme about it.


Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Idris Elba hosts. He can stand there for 90 minutes and just smile into the camera, and I’d be just fine with that. (But I wouldn’t be sorry if the writers had a The Wire parody).



  • TLC’s wedding program, Drag Me Down The Aisle, read out-of-context sounds like a Bridezillas-style Big Day Freakout[TM] until you read it closer and see the promotion, and it sounds much more fun as it’s about drag queens building up prospective brides so they have a happy nuptials. There’s always the chance it could be exploitative, but as it’s kind of a spin-off from RuPaul’s Drag Race, this could be tight.
  • Now the same can (probably) not be said about OWN’s latest dipping of their toes into the matrimony prep show world, Family Or Fiancé, whose very name belies a premise of ginned up conflict.
  • On the romance beat, Hallmark’s newest, Love Under The Rainbow, stars grown-up Stephanie Tanner Jodi Sweetin as Lucy, a woman who … likes jogging jackets? Hallmark’s page really don’t go much beyond the fact that her love interest is single dad Jack, played by David Haydn-Jones, whose imdb bio calls a “versatile actor” who “has never lost his old-fashioned values or hard-working ethics.” Dope!
  • Lifetime’s Saturday feature offers something a bit more steamy (or at least its name suggests said steam) with the thriller Suburban Swingers Club. Of course, the participation of our leads — Dana Davis and Jesse Ruda — in such a lurid affair dooms them to peril as a homicidal neighbor is now stalking them. Less dope!


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