What To Watch: 03/08/2019

Ricky Gervais returns to the small(-ish) screen with his third series, and it’s got an intriguing (if sad, and very him) premise. Meanwhile, a familiar face to Silicon Valley lovers pops up in the Huang household, Eric Andre’s cheese-themed Daft Punk parody gets its own special, and we travel to the UK, Canada, India, Turkey, and Thailand for new streaming content of many shades.

After Life [Netflix]
After Tony’s [Ricky Gervais] wife dies abruptly, his world turn upside down. Suddenly, his nice-guy demeanor is replaced with an abhorrent, rude one. It’s like if Liar, Liar were R-rated. In the end, I’m hopeful there will be some feel-good epiphany about life unleashed along with a few laughs.

Fresh Off The Boat [ABC, 8p]
Eddie wants to go on a student exchange trip to Taiwan, but Jessica thinks he is too young for that kind of travel. Eddie wants to prove her wrong and moves out of the house! It won’t take long for him to figure out that independence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Kraft Punk’s Political Party [Adult Swim, 12a]
Eric Andre, as his character Kraft Punk (think of what Kraft makes and what band rhymes with the whole name and you have an idea of…well, it’s Andre, so scratch that). He promises this electoral special in March will cover “conspiracy theories to race relations to Satan’s influence on the electorate.” Sure.



  • Academy Award nominee Tim Roth’s Amazon Prime crime drama Tin Star mostly flew under the radar in its first season. The tale of a London cop transplanted to rural Canada, however, did enough to warrant another season, and it co-stars Christina Hendricks, currently crushing it as the lead of Good Girls — if that sort of thing adds to its intrigue.
  • It’s no coincidence that the official Amazon Prime promotion for Indian wedding series Made In Heaven goes quickly for the Crazy Rich Asians reference given the critical and box office success of the excellent 2018 film. However, no love for 2001’s excellent Monsoon Wedding?
  • Turkish vampire series Immortals boasts an almost awesome production value as compared to its net footprint, but it’s one exhilarating whoosh of a trailer.
  • OK, so sometimes we want to act all-knowing (you know, scholarly and shit) about what’s on, but we’re kind of out in the wilderness here about these two(?) Thai series coming to Netflix today called Bangkok Love Stories: Hey You and Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence which may or may not be series and look glossily romantic (well, the titles are a bit of a getaway). They don’t seem to be connected to the Thai LGBT movie of a similar name. But they exist and are new on Netflix, if they interest you.

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