What To Watch: 03/07/2019

We’re in a sitcom state of mind tonight, and not a bad night for it as one of the more underrated half hour sagas returns alongside a promising, if uneven one. And that’s not even mentioning the Broadway legend-of-the-moment who is guest starring on one of our annual favorite shows.


Superstore [NBC, 8p]
Superstore is finally back after its mid-season break (and NBC thinks we’ll watch without The Good Place by its side, brave), and Amy and Cheyenne are finally at Cloud 9 Academy (ew) to advance their careers. Hold strong, Amy, you deserve better benefits, better pay (you’re already a manager with none of the perks!), and only you can fix the system. (Glenn’s a good guy, but he’s not demanding bread and roses.) Yes, I am gloating over Mateo as a political activist, because I am scared about what that means for his citizenship, thank you for noticing.

A.P. Bio [NBC, 8:30p]
With Glenn Howerton, Patton Oswalt, and a supporting cast that raids the best of the improv podcast guest world (Lyric Lewis, Mary Sohn, Jean Villepique), and the promising premise of Howerton as a self-professed genius slumming as a high school teacher in Toledo who just didn’t give a shit, A.P. Bio had a lot going for it, but could never find its rhythm. However, when it played Howerton as less of the sociopath he is on his main show, it truly worked. There’s some sign in the buzz that the writing may have tightened itself up for season two. We get our first glimpse tonight.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
Amy navigates her complicated relationship with her brother, played by the incomparable Lin-Manuel Miranda! Very excited for this guest star appearance.



  • The Order drops its first season — a total of ten episodes — tonight on Netflix, and if we can judge the fantastical horror show set at a college by its online pictures, you best be ready to dive under the covers and jump at the slightest sound.
  • It’s a timely time to set a procedural in the Southern District of New York — and as a certain presidency burns, it will only get timelier. For The People returns for its second season on ABC, and it’s always a timely time for Hope Davis, who recurs as a public defender.
  • Back in Metropolis, circuses and elephants, oranges grew [boom, obscure and tortured music reference], while in Gotham (or at least Fox’s version of Gotham), a future commissioner is shot and hallucinating.
  • The soon-to-be-classic Comedy Central Thursday night features the Broad City ladies doing, if the episode title is to be believed, the same thing they do every Thursday night (“Shenanigans” — that title is “Shenanigans”). Their antics will be followed by The Other Two where Cary rallies an Instagram gay community as he aspires to the ultimate gay actor achievement — a role on a Ryan Murphy production.
  • Seth MacFarlane’s live action comedy, The Orville, journeys on, as this time, in the lead role, MacFarlane negotiates with the Krill, whose look you could probably imagine, even if you’ve never seen the show, but here they are below anyway.


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