What To Watch: 03/05/2019

Tuesday’s coming, did you bring your coat? Then, before you know it, Tuesday’s gone with the wind. But thankfully, there’s TV.


Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
Tonight we are diving deeper into the world of Alice. Still not creating enough boundaries, she is roped into planning Sumi’s wedding shower. We’re going to meet her parents and watch her navigate difficult family dynamics while being in the closet. In other news, Callie, has a lot of spinning plates and I’m just waiting for one of them to drop.

Drunk History [Comedy Central, 10p]
Tonight’s soused stories hold extra intrigue as the theme (for the second time) is mystery — with murders ranging from a Beverly Hills gossip columnist to a heartland bully.

Corporate [Comedy Central, 10:30p]
Corporate is a … a dark show. On this week’s episode a national tragedy happens. The employees of Hampton DeVille compete to see who can have the most heartfelt response on social media.



  • A&E’s Hoarders returns tonight for a tenth go around the TV sun, and are we the only ones who watch it hoping to know that we aren’t THAT bad?!
  • The same network (formerly known as Arts AND Entertainment) premieres something called The Toe Bro and every bit of that title sends us into convulsive shivers (well, the definite article is OK).
  • The trick of ID’s new true crime anthology is right there in its name. Deadly Recall recounts the cases of Nashville detective Pat Postiglione, a man who puts his photographic memory to good use.
  • If you love a good high school graduation, that’s the theme of the Big 3 flashback part of this week’s installment of NBC’s This Is Us.
  • Finally, if you’ve ever looked at former NFL twins Ronde & Tiki Barber and wondered who was the better cook, this week’s MasterChef (on Fox) is for you. It’s a pretty solid line-up, with maybe a B- average when it comes to celebrities, with everyone from Anthony Anderson to Gregg Leakes.

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