What To Watch: 03/01/2019

The action is on streaming as multiple major movie stars debut new projects tonight.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind [Netflix]
Chiwetel Ejiofor makes his directorial debut (and also stars) in this adaptation of a popular biography.

The Widow [Amazon Prime]
Kate Beckinsale leads this eight-parter about the mystery which ensues when her character’s husband shows up on videotape — problem was: everyone presumed he was dead. Ignore my tone as it is NOT a comedy.

Fresh Off The Boat [ABC, 8p]
It turns out Jessica and Evan are even worse at running than I am.



  • If you like your Baldwins less Trumpy  or less fake-Trumpy, underrated brother Billy, John Oliver’s top Baldwin, has a new drama, Northern Rescue. It’s on Netflix, and it’s Canadian to boot.
  • New Netflix doc Losers uses interviews, archival footage, and animation to illustrate the side of sports we all experience more often than not, and what happens after the fame fades and the failure sets in.
  • Both ratings and critical reviews for The Cool Kids, the Fox buddy comedy where the goofy buds are  septuagenarians have been like early bird soup — neither wonderful or terrible — but it’s done enough to remain on, if not officially renewed for a second season yet.
  • If you’re a cricket fanatic, or want to go behind-the-scenes at a sport that, like us, you know very little about, Netflix’s international flavor builds with Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians.

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