What To Watch: 02/26/2019

Anthony Anderson and company do their best to get the bad taste of Driving Bagger Vance’s Oscar win out of our collective mouths with a thought provoking special episode concerning how Black history is taught in school. Meanwhile, Michael Moore is both wary and excited to partake in the celebrity version of Ancestry.com and Bravo unveils a new collection of rich people problems, but this time on the other side of that theoretical wall we’re all so sick of hearing about.


Black-ish [ABC, 9p]
Dre gives a schoolwide assembly about Black History Month. Surprisingly, this hasn’t happened yet.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
Jesus is in town paying a visit to his favorite sisters! Also he somehow ends up sleeping with Callie’s coworker, Rebecca? Callie is freaking out about passing the boards and Mariana is organizing her very own fight club for the women of Speculate.

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates [PBS, 8p]
It’s already a good line-up of ancestry seeking celebrities with actors Chloe Sevigny and “American treasure” Laura Linney, but then you add documentary filmmaker Michael Moore — and love him or hate him (probably depends on your ideology), he’s perfect for this show which thrives on good-natured, chatty people with at least a touch of narcissism.



  • Bravo’s latest adventure in wine throwing takes place south of the Rio Grande, as Mexican Dynasties applies all the dramatic notes, but in a new country. We’d normally steer clear, but this one opens on a gaudy parrot funeral, so, um, we’re listening.
  • J-Lo’s dance competition program, World of Dance, returns for a third season with Ne-Yo, Derek Hough, and Jennifer Lopez herself letting us know if the dancers keep it real, are so sick in their moves, independent in their ability, and, well, we don’t really have a reference for Hough. Tonight on NBC, it’s the first qualifiers.
  • Both of Comedy Central’s Tuesday evening shows sound intriguing as Drunk History tells soused tales of femme fatales and Corporate finds our two “heroes” discovering they are not alone in what first seemed a deserted office.
  • TV Land’s underrated goofy comedy Teachers — starring six women named some version of Kate … we’re not kidding — is hurtling towards its final episode sometime next month. Tonight, the Fillmore Elementary staff compete for a spot in a wedding.

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