What To Watch: 02/24/2019

It’s the biggest night in moviedom, and you can read our feelings about the choices here. For the first time since 1989, the Oscars have no host, but what could possi-BLIE go wrong! (click below to see what could possibly go wrong).

91st Annual Academy Awards [ABC, 8p]
You know, the whole “no host” thing actually excites me. How will they fill things around the edges. As long as it’s not with something like this, we should be ok. Oh, God, it’s going to be something like that. Well, at least there are some great movies and performances to be honored. I’m pulling for Roma and Olivia Colman.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Last we we got an explosive introduction to Alpha, leader of the Whisperers. She’s cold, calculated and dangerous. This season has been a return to form for the show and for the first time in a while I can’t wait to see what happens next when Alpha shows us all what she’s made of.

Deadly Cults [Oxygen, 8p]
The FBI learns that a cult with a charismatic, deadly leader is stockpiling weapons. Oh, you’ve heard this one? It’s not the Branch Davidians, because this is in Nebraska!



  • While one Regina (King) wins an Oscar (most likely), another Regina (Hall) shines in what should be an Emmy-nominated performance on one of the most exciting new shows on television (with an actor who has been nominated for both Oscar and Emmy in Don Cheadle), Black Monday on Showtime.
  • Over on HBO, Paul Holmes TV Paul is struggling with his first post-marriage major relationship while also deciding whether being a Christian comedian is his path on Crashing, while The Guy has his own relationship questions on High Maintenance.
  • On the other end of the earnestness scale, When Calls The Heart returns for a sixth season on Hallmark Channel (and now it’s spawned a spin-off, When Hope Calls, coming in the Summer).

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