What To Watch: 02/23/2019

The next two SNL‘s promise an upswing in the show with John Mulaney and Idris Elba hosting, but this week all is quiet on the Not-For-Prime-Time-Player front. We do have a coupla movie awards shows to whet your appetite for tomorrow’s big event, though. And, perhaps, the best part of Saturday night is what’s on Lifetime and Hallmark, so that’s your cue, Katherine!

Who’s Stalking Me? [Lifetime, 8p]
A woman, who nearly escaped a near-death incident, is supervised by a detective. But she feels like somebody’s watching her? And it’s definitely the detective, that’s just how this works.

34th Independent Spirit Awards [IFC, 5p]
For those of us who have Oscar shpilkis, this is a handy outlet to see some movie stars trophy up. Also, Aubrey Plaza hosts, and who’s more indy than her?



  • Those five proud animals above you would likely never see in a coffeehouse together are all profiled tonight on BBC’s Planet Earth: Dynasties. Will nonagenarian naturalist David Attenborough ever quit? We don’t know? If you turn on the lights, he probably will not glow, however.
  • As far as we know, the only show aired exclusively on its own channel (here) is the Razzie Awards (click for the nominees). It’s a different sort of Oscars prep as, if you are unaware, these are the sarcastic clap of awards as the worst in cinema gets its “due.” And we here will always have a little extra dash of respect for Sandra Bullock, Halle Barry, and The Rock who physically accepted their awards. This year is the 39th iteration of the event.
  • Our final inclusion in the return of the Saturday round-up is here solely for the fun pun in its title. Auto/Biography returns on MotorTrend.

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