What To Watch: 02/22/2019

Adam McKay’s latest fast-paced attempt to save our bacon drops on Amazon, and the Huang family continues to bring our editors happiness.

This Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy [Amazon Prime]
Funny or Die co-founder/alum and Oscar-nominated director Adam McKay continues to focus his frenetic eye on the quixotic quirks and general screwiness of the world’s economy with this six-part mini-series. The trailer promises his usual killer combo of facts, statistics, and jagged comic cuts and all-star guests which this go-around includes Joel McHale, Ted Danson, and Pete Holmes. Kal Penn hosts.

Fresh Off The Boat [ABC, 8p]
This week Jessica is here to drive Principal Hunter crazy with her “shadowing.” Jessica discovers that Evan is getting into trouble in school and immediately goes to blame Eddie’s bad influence before realizing that might not be the whole story.



  • The title of comedian Tone Bell’s Showtime special Can’t Cancel This presumably alludes to the fact that the actor-comedian has been highly billed on three shows to suffer that early fate, and is working on a fourth on CBS. That one still lives, but if that causes you any dissonance, try to get past it as his stand-up is worth the mental trip.
  • Back before any of our editors was alive (and Jason’s ooooold), Charley Pride, one of the rare African American voices in the country music world, reminded us of the benefits of kissing angels good mornin’, as well as how it was advantageous to let them know we’re thinking about them when we’re gone and to not forget to love them like the devil when we get back home. He’s still going strong nearly a half-century later as PBS honors the influential singer/songwriter with his own American Masters (subtitled: Charley Pride: I’m Just Me).
  • The sixth series of Jiro Dreams Of Sushi director David Gelb’s Netflix showcase Chef’s Table hits streaming today, headlined by a feature on Charleston, South Carolina, legend Sean Brock.
  • Daughter of Ivan, brother of Jason, Catherine is the latest Reitman to make her name. Her Canadian comedy Workin’ Moms has been on CBC for two years now. Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press noted it “demonstrates a deft ability to deliver punchlines while at the same time confronting the realities of 21st-century motherhood.” And if the voice of the largest paper from the one-time (and now again) home of hockey’s Jets and the indie popsters The Weakerthans is not enough, check it for yourself as it expands its reach today via Netflix.

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