What To Watch: 02/21/2019

Anna Paquin comes to television as a mover and shaker representing clients who do neither — well, presumably not in the manner she would like. And, of course, her house is not in order. Plus, she’s in London. If you love Schitt’s Creek like we do, you are probably aware of it as it has been adverted incessantly there, but that does mean it keeps good company. There’s also a whole host of Thursday night favorites.

Flack [Pop, 10p]
It’s an Anna Paquin abroad — and it’s not the freshest of premises as she plays a struggling PR, well, flack putting out the fires of her inept clients while battling her own quirks. But it’s got Paquin along with Rufus Jones who was a treasure as a doltish, yet somehow effectively manipulative middle manager on W1A.

Legacies [The CW, 9p]
As the Salvatore school continues to under siege with a barrage of magical creatures no one remembered existed, the monster of the week is a unicorn. Hope refuses to let anyone hurt it, but will its cutest lead to their demise? Turns out that unicorn is a carrier for a mind controlling parasite. Uh oh.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
There’s a new hire to replace Gina at the 99, so of course there’ll be controversy — and Holt and Jake, both of whom had long-standing personal connections with the ex-sec, are at opposite ends.



  • Showtime’s first late night talk show comes from both the Boogie Down (as both Desus Nice and The Kid Mero made their name in the Bronx) and Viceland (where the show has lived the past two years. Check out Desus & Mero later tonight.
  • The concept of Game Of Clones is D-list celebrities dating lookalikes of attractive famous people; so, do we even need to tell you what network it’s on. Even before we mention one match-up is Jersey Shore-man Pauly D dating an off-brand Megan Fox, we’re presuming you know this is the latest MTV dating show.
  • It’s the usual pair of above average buddy comedies tonight on Comedy Central, but savor them while you have them, as Broad City goes off the air after this season, and The Other Two starring Drew Tarver and Heléne York as forgotten siblings of a YouTube sensation is almost too blithely delightful to last. Furthermore, it’s a Lincoln (Hannibal Burress) episode of the former and the whole family attends a school dance on the latter, so if you can’t make, you might want to sic your DVR on that.
  • Finally, critically-acclaimed, but on Crackle, The Oath returns for a second season with Ned Stark himself, Sean Bean, and a world of secret organizations and gangs.

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