What To Watch: 02/20/2019

One of TV’s most inventive (and certainly most niche) comedies returns tonight as the documentary spoof anthology from an SNL all-star team of writers and performers returns with an on-target, gut-splitting parody of an itself excellent Netflix cult docu-series. Elsewhere, we’ve got inspiring college students, dangerous night nurses, and plenty of naked mole rats! Try to look away!

Documentary Now! [IFC, 10p]
In the past, Hader, Armisen, Meyers, and Mulaney have made a point of how they have sworn off parodying the currently highly popular serial documentary (i.e. Making a Murderer, The Jinx). However, they open the third season (or 52nd if you believe fictional Helen Mirren) of their acclaimed mocu-series with just that: “Batsh*t Valley,” leaked on YouTube is a pitch perfect spoof of Netflix’s small town vs. cult piece, Wild, Wild Country. The rest of the season promises takes on A League Of Ordinary Gentlemen, Original Cast Album: Company, and Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present.

Grown-ish [Freeform, 8p]
This week Zoey has suddenly discovered that Luca has a past? She freaks out over the idea of an ex-girlfriend and then consults her friends on how best to cyberstalk her. This is NOT a good idea.

Killer Night Shift [LMN, 10p]
A woman’s home (and) night nurse harbors a grudge against her husband and plans to steal the woman’s (unborn!) baby. Like Tully but cheesy and evil.



  • The Smithsonian Channel focuses on what’s important (and disturbing) tonight with a movie that is precisely what its title says it is: Naked Mole Rats.
  • Less significantly, but more disturbing, we enter the, oh, let’s say 2,035,306th season of Survivor on CBS.
  • Tonight’s Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back actually sounds nice — kind, even. Ramsay travels to deep inside Cali’s San Fernando Valley to come to the aid of a struggling Mexican restaurant owner whose health is failing, but refuses to quit. It’s on Fox.



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