What To Watch: 02/19/2019

It’s a pretty basic night of TV watching — good for catch-up, or for setting appointments for these shows below. It’s your choice — but then, it’s always been inside of you.

At Home With Amy Sedaris [TruTV, 10p]
Amy’s quirky take on home ec melds the genuine love for entertaining with the surreal undertone of Adult Swim at 11:48 in the evening, and is all wrapped together with Sedaris’ delightfully bizarre persona (in a multitude of characters and forms). Essentially, whether you love the show has about as much connection to your appreciation of home shows as Billy On The Street has to your affinity for streets. It’s more to do with your tolerance for her particular, acquired taste brand of comedy. If you enjoy her silliness as much as I do, you’ll love this — even when it can be a lot.

This Is Us [NBC, 9p]
We’ve watched Beth play the uber accomplished, shoot-from-hip supportive wife and mom. She’s made juggling career and family look easy for the past three seasons — but what’s her story, really? Tonight we finally find out. With Phylicia Rashād cast as her mom we are def in for a treat.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
Last week the the Adams-Foster sisters navigated their difficult work lives. Mariana lamented about feeling like she was an imposter, while Callie encouraged her to remember that they both worked really hard and deserve to be where they are. This week Mariana, Davia, Malika and Alice all set each other up on dates using some sort of new dating app. Also, Callie is about to make a big decision about her relationship with Gael.

Corporate [Comedy, 10:30p]
Hampton Deville starts tracking when employees leave their desks. Needless to say the situation escalates quickly.



  • PBS examines a late legend who had to be him (and even sang a signature song about it) in the latest in its seminal series American Masters: Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me.
  • Over on Comedy Central, Drunk History takes a look into drugs in unlikely places, including JFK essentially taking meth.
  • The title of tonight’s Black-ish on ABC is “Son of a Pitch” and beyond that fun pun of a title, it’s a pretty perfect premise for the show as Dre’s son interns at the firm and his solid ad pitch makes Dre feel some kind of way. That way is bad. He feels bad. What’s the opposite of schadenfraude?
  • The title of American Housewife, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” feels almost as awkward and off (and borderline appropriation) as, say, a 40-something editor using “some kind of way” in a daily television round-up (not sure why that particular specific situation comes to mind). However, the ABC comedy has been more funny than it has a right to have been so far (and, as the hyperlinked promo reminds, our housewife is “sassy” and “brassy”), so it gets some leeway.
  • Meanwhile, over at The Good Pl … we mean, Miracle Workers on TBS, our hero angels try to save the world from an indifferent Steve Buscemi. Meanwhile, Sanjay gets an untenable request from the self-same Buscemi-God.

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