What To Watch: 02/18/2019

Happy 44 out of 45 Presidents Day.


United Skates [HBO, 8p]
Grab your roller skates, y’all! The impact of roller-skating rinks in hip-hop cannot be understated, nor can their importance as a gathering ground in African-American communities. Just the latest in HBO’s long line of cutting documentaries, this one features Queen Latifah and examines the problems which have risen up as these centers have slowly gone out of vogue and closed.

The Bachelor [ABC, 8p]
Another week as Colton narrows down the pool of women. Last week we had a couple of girls leave during the episode, before the rose ceremony. Sydney didn’t think Colton was trying to move their relationship further and didn’t feel like sticking around for someone who wasn’t giving her the time of day. The surprise for me was Demi, who snuck into Colton’s room late at night to tell him that she was falling in love with him. Demi pictured a romantic night, but Colton responded by telling her he didn’t think he was going to get there in their relationship and sending her home! We’re getting closer to hometowns so things are getting real.

People Magazine Investigates [ID, 10p]
People looks at the burning death of Jessica Chambers, who was burned alive in her car in Mississippi in 2014. Chambers identified her killer before dying; a second trial ended in October with a hung jury.



  • Over on Fox, it’s a busy week in the world of The Passage as surprising bonds are revealed and memories are uncovered.
  • It’s kind of a quiet Monday so let’s check in on shows we usually miss. What’s going on with Bull? The titular lawyer is getting to work with his idol Walter Franklin, which would seem a good spot for stunt casting, but he’s played by relatively obscure character actor Dan Ziskie, who’s played vice presidents, Senators, attorneys general, but may be best known for playing a father with an unfortunate name on Chappelle’s Show. Oh, right, I remembered another reason we don’t cover this show. Michael Weatherly is awful.
  • Over on NBC’s Manifest, they do what they do every week: discover disturbing truths.

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