What To Watch: 02/17/2019

As great as Sam, Seth, Hasan, Stephen, Colin & Michael, and Trevor are for speaking truth to Orange power, few are as effective as the man who was most reluctant to do so at first. Thankfully, John Oliver is back and hopefully on the warpath. We’ve also got another favorite coming off the bench with a very Tina-centric Bob’s.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver [HBO, 11p]
This “welcome welcome welcome” is SO welcome back! I’m suffering from major withdrawal that no amount of Trump-taunting catheter cowboys can assuage, so will be so relieved when John Oliver returns to dive deeply into zoning permits or charter school lunches or the effects of Calvin Coolidge on modern universities (a joke so stale, you probably did realize that he did it better when he was forced to finally pay attention to the Orange Menace).

Charmed [The CW, 9p]
After a couple of weeks off, the sisters are back and ready for answers. Macy has just discovered she was brought back to life as a baby, but why? The obvious choice is to summon a necromancer. What could go wrong?

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
Tina falls in love with a goose when Jimmy Jr. (that jerk!) snubs her yet again — this time for the prom.

Black Monday [Showtime, 8p]
Showtime’s whip-smart take on the 1980s stock market crash continues. Mo and Dawn try to patch things up in Blair’s relationship in order to keep the Georgina plan in play. If you’re not watching this show you are missing out. Seriously.



  • Elvis is everywhere — or so they would have you believe. Tonight, he (or his memory) is mainly on NBC as Blake Shelton (apparently) and others remember the rock’n’roll king who died a little over 40 years ago at age 42 with an Elvis All-Star Tribute Special.
  • Speaking of all-stars, it’s the NBA All-Star Game tonight on TBS and TNT, and by the time you read this, every player in the game may be on a new team.
  • It’s on time for a seventh seasons, yet we’re still not quite sure this is a real show, but word is Don’t Be Tardy… stars a Real Atlanta Housewife named Kim. It’s back tonight on Bravo.
  • It’s almost cliche to ask if you can call “Simpsons did it” on The Simpsons, but Krusty reveals a secret from his past and the kids learn early tidbits from their parents marriage … again.
  • So now there are Whisperers to make the walker hellscape that much more, well, hell-ish on AMC’s tentpole, The Walking Dead. Well, that’s just great!
  • Adopt, don’t shop, my dogs rescued me — both cliches, and both TRUE! It’s the 2019 American Rescue Dog Show on Hallmark tonight.

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