What To Watch: 02/15/2019

Lately, Friday TV have come more loaded than fries at a chain restaurant in the Midwest. Today, we have a new superhero show penned by a emo punk hero (true heroism debatable), one of comedy’s secret bearded weapons going less secret with a globe-spanning stand-up series with his name on it, Jordan Peele strikes again — this time with a documentary about the 1993 news story that was that year’s Crime of the Century[TM] until O.J. came along the following year, and Kelsey Grammer and a decent cast in a tepidly reviewed procedural whose heart is in the right place.


The Umbrella Academy [Netflix]
My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy comic was a trippy, violent ride with teeth. The Netflix adaption needs to be good to rise above all the other comic book shows right now, but if it is half as good as the source material that won’t be a problem.

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy [Netflix]
Post-Seinfeld, Larry Charles has moved to directing some of the more internationally provocative movies — from Religulous to Borat. Given he (along with Bill Maher, Sasha Baron Cohen, and other associates) could leave repressive countries whenever he wants, he marveled at the comedians who chose to (or had to) remain in their homeland, in spite of the specter of reprisals. His new series, which in a rare move finds Charles in front of the camera, chronicles these brave comic souls.

Fresh Off The Boat [ABC, 8p]
It’s Evan’s first Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, Sicily. Both Louis and Jessica have very different relationship advice. Who will Evan listen to?

Killer Reputation [LMN, 8p]
A shy boy falls in love with his neighbor … who died last year. The Fault in Our Stars with a side of ghosts.



  • Produced by Jordan Peele and directed by Joshua Rofé, the Amazon Prime docu-series Lorena examines the 1993 crime that captured the fancy of America and late night comedians, when Loreena Bobbitt cut off her husband John’s penis. However, the intent is not to merely look back, or revive the national joke, but to reflect on how we might have missed the point — and more importantly the devastating cost of domestic violence — and turned it into a punchline.
  • Fox’s latest procedural, Proven Innocent, takes place in a world that deserves to have more hero stories — the lawyers who fight vigilantly for the wrongfully accused. Frasier himself (or “Frazier“) Kelsey Grammar joins a cast that already included TV drama stalwarts like Grimm‘s Russell Hornsby and Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser.
  • Featuring Brendan Fraser as “Robotman,” Doom Patrol digs even deeper into the DC Universe, and it airs as the fourth original program ever on, what else, DC Universe (their new streaming service). Even we are having trouble keeping up.
  • Get on your grind, yo. Comedy Central’s underrated dark storytelling showcase, This Is Not Happening, has quietly returned, but you might not know if you don’t watch Comedy Central (or tape The Daily Show) as the season does not exist on IMDB and Wikipedia yet. Tonight’s theme is indeed “grind,” and if we saw the ad correctly, one of the vulgar comics includes the second comedian named Scott Thompson to appear on the show, except this one is better known as Carrot Top, and he will be appearing to talk about “like the lowest of [his] life,” presumably (hopefully) without props.

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