What To Watch: 02/11/2019


A post-Grammy haze? It’s a relatively quiet night, but we’ve got one long-running show making its return, Fiona loves her some Bachelor, and Katherine goes digging in the crates.


American Dad! [TBS, 10p]
Seth’s other (arguably much better — or at least more tolerable) show has somehow made it to 13 seasons, and it’s back after a mid-season break with an episode that The Simpsons definitely did, but could still be fun, as Francine takes up bodybuilding and bulks up significantly.

The Bachelor [ABC, 8p]
Last week Colton and the women traveled to Thailand for some new experiences. Heather went on a one on one and got her first kiss! Elysse decided that this experience wasn’t for her and decided to leave. Nicole and Onyeka battled it out over rumors and lies and we were left with our first to be continued of the season. Who will Colton eliminate? Tonight we start off with the long awaited rose ceremony.

America Unearthed [Travel, 8p]
The guys look into the “mysterious death of an American explorer,” which I think means Meriwether Lewis.



  • Chen Xiaoqing, the force behind Bite Of China, returns with a deeper dive (deeper chomp?): Flavorful Origins: Chaoshan Cuisine on Netflix.
  • The triangular British chef drama Delicious returns on Acorn TV, still featuring Dawn French (will always be half of French & Saunders to us) trying to navigate the murky waters of ex-hood.
  • A serial killer is on the loose in the Arrow-verse, causing Green Arrow to take a break from usual caped hero efforts on the CW mothership, Arrow.

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