What To Watch: 02/10/2019

Ah, it’s the annual return of those famous zombies, brainlessly wandering towards any sound, regardless of what it is. And in addition to the Grammys tonight, it’s also the mid-season return of The Walking Dead (wocka, wocka). So, let’s kick it off with that!

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
It returns, and we meet yet another group who we’ve been waiting for.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
The kids have to tell a story to diffuse tension amongst the family when Bob and Linda have a blow out fight. Is it like a Simpsons episode, where there’s chapters and allegories? Unclear! But do I admire that Bob’s has a big parent-fight that confuses the kids, just like real life? Hell yeah.

True Detective [HBO, 9p]
Is there anything Mahershala Ali can’t do? If he can revive the brooding anthology which had slid from rare appointment TV to hipster punchline (and this third season may be its best yet), should we not task him with solving world hunger or figuringkk out Nicholas Cage or reviving Western democracy?

Worst Cooks in America [Food, 8p]
This week the worst cooks and diving into the world of spices. What could go wrong?



  • Its first season was so powerful it set off a war between two of the fiercest forces in the universe, Netflix and Saudi Arabia. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj returns for a second season of Minhaj’s slightly-hipper-than-John-Oliver deep dives or as he puts it in the link “a comedy news show that kind of feels like a Drake show, but you’re learning.”
  • It’s definitely a Season 30 episode of Fox’s The Simpsons (or at least would be confusing before about s15) as Homer winds up in the doghouse for binge-ing their favorite show.
  • “Don’t throw your garbage up here!” It’s the 61st Annual Gramccaaaaamy Awards (sorry, the Screen Scholars cat hates the Grammys) on CBS, and there is at least one cool thing this year as Alicia Keys is falling into the role of host.
  • AMC has one thing on its mind tonight, even if its one of the TWD stars talking about hogs — Ride with Norman Reedus also returns tonight (not to mention Talking Dead and a reprise of the mid-season finale to get you back up-to-date).

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