What To Watch: 02/08/2019

“Up all night, sleep all day!” Among other things, those Nostradamuses of hair metal, Slaughter, foretold of this Friday night of Peak TV.  There really is just too much on (even if we believe in our heart of hearts that there is no such thing).


One Day at a Time [Netflix]
Social media spoke and the programming Gods of Netflix listened — One Day at a Time is back for season 3, PHEW! That was a close call! This season we’ll continue to get our abuelita fix (Rita Moreno – seriously can’t get enough of her) while watching newly-single mom Penelope get back on the dating scene. Super excited to see my fave ladies from BK 9-9 (Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumaro) make appearances and wonder what shenanigans they will get into. And with more socially conscious storylines the Alvarez family continues to warm hearts and break sitcom ground all at once for another season.

2 Dope Queens [HBO, 11p]
Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson return with the second season of the variety show based on their podcast.

¡Nailed It! Mexico [Netflix]
OK, so no Nicole Byer, no Jacques Torres, but even though their effortlessly sweet rapport is a big part of why I love this ridiculous cake “competition,” I’d be willing to give their Mexican counterparts Omar Chaparro and Anna Ruiz a shot. The trailer promises a similar vibe of joyous friendly-snarky fun and who doesn’t love a good fondant fail.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars [VH1, 8p]
Last week was DRAMATIC to say the least. Front runner, Manila was eliminated by Naomi Smalls. The gloves are off and the gentleman’s agreement to eliminate the queen with the worst report card has been broken. It’s anyone’s game now.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown [ABC, 8p]
A back-to-back special featuring stories from 1975 and 2002. I’m over here rooting for the Little Red Headed Girl against an empty mailbox.



  • John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, and their hormone monsters are back on Netflix for a one-off Valentine’s Day special of one of our top 20 showsBig Mouth: My Furry Valentine.
  • There’s more streaming awkward comic coming of age to be had on Hulu with the debut of PEN15, created by Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle (who also star) and promoted by The Lonely Island. According to the trailer it takes place in the distant past of 2000, so, um, screw you trailer.
  • Take Drunk History, remove the drinking (presumably), add Kevin Hart and a focus on African American heroes and you’ve got the Netflix special Kevin Hart’s Guide To Black History, although given recent comedy routines we kinda hope he skips Billy Strayhorn and Angela Davis.
  • Jason’s top show of 2018, The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is almost at the end of the series, so the meta-references to said ending are sure to be at a fever pitch. Rebecca is helping Paula recover from her heart attack while the former’s three suitors meet up (which always leads to some of the best moments of the show).
  • In the latest Amazon Prime thriller, White Dragon, John Simm plays a UK college professor whose tragic journey to Hong Kong to recover his wife’s body uncovers intrigue and conspiracy.

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