What To Watch: 02/07/2019

Everything’s coming up Brooklyn, but that’s no surprise, as it’s Doug Judy Day — a soon-to-be national holiday (suck it, Mitch McConnell) — and we live for Doug Judy episodes. Plus, B99 was in our top ten shows of 2018.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
Terry thinks the Pontiac Bandit is back! Strife is going to follow, because Jake is SURE that his FRIEND would never BETRAY him.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
This week’s episode is entitled, “A Tale of Two Bandits”. Could it be? Is the Pontiac Bandit back? Terry thinks so, but Jake wants to believe that Doug Judy is done with crime.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
Let’s just make it a clean sweep, three cherries {and I’m sure Peralta would have a lame quip and a goofy grin for that — followed by a Holt or Amy signature grimace}, for B99. Hey, it’s a Doug Judy episode: what more could you want?!



  • HBO’s latest documentary, the 30-minute Song Of Parkland, follows the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, focusing on the theater students and how they attempt to overcome the unfathomable tragedy. We were, um, just chopping onions.
  • Tonight’s Comedy Central line-up starts with the latest in the Broad City endgame and it sounds like classic Abbi & Ilana as the former loses a sweatshirt and the latter has to navigate an ex to get money for her bitcoin. Meanwhile, on The Other Two, as hapless siblings Cary and Brooke Dubek continue to chase teenage brother ChaseDream’s fame, Chase finds a girlfriend (or is it found for him?).
  • Will & Grace meets Weekend At Bernie’s in an episode whose twisted premise makes it sound as if that shark may be way in the rear view mirror at this point. On a visit to Will’s home, Will’s boss dies and the titular characters collabo to send out a fake recommendation. Oh well, “Dead Man Texting” is a pretty cool title in any case.
  • On the other hand, the tooth-long Law & Order: SVU offers a premise that, while not overly original, promises tension in any case, as Benson and crew are torn when having to testify against a woman who killed her abusive husband.
  • Don’t know much about the Lifetime reality competition show Bring It!, in spite of its six seasons, but we love the title “So You Think You Can Choreograph?” Anyway, it’s set in Mississippi and follows the Miss D’s Dancing Dolls team, so there’s that.

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