What To Watch: 02/06/2019

Television is back after that angry man was on every channel to remind us that childhood cancer is bad.

Criminal Minds [CBS, 9p]
It’s David Rossi’s wedding and while my personal feelings about when they highlight the BAU team’s personal lives match the expressions of that team on the main image, it is also the 15th season finale and this show thrives on its ability to whip up a thrilling finale cliffhanger.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
This has been a bit of a mindscrew of a season (bear attacks, gargoyle Kongs) and the hits keep coming with tonight’s episode. Reggie and Veronica take drastic measures to clean up a mess they make. The midnight club gets back together (remember that breakfast club episode from a while back?) I DID say it was a mindscrew of a season.

Grown-ish [Freeform, 8p]
Last week Zoey worked hard to overcome her (super unhealthy) jealousy of Luca. She seems to have realized that her passion lays more in styling than design. Meanwhile, Jazz and Sky think about sexing up their insta presence to attract more fans and sponsorships. This week is all about consent! Looking forward to seeing them tackle yet another social issue with humor and tact.

Planet Earth: Yellowstone [Animal Planet, 8p]
It’s winter in Yellowstone and the animals are getting ready to hibernate!



  • It’s an animal planet themed party in the land of The Magicians on Syfy as the simple description they’ve given is “Kady gets a puppy. Quentin meets a snake,” and the episode title is “The Bad News Bear.”
  • Speaking of such creatures, the very self-explanatorially named Incredible Animal Moments debuts tonight on the Smithsonian Channel.
  • MTV’s latest installment of The Challenge sounds brutal what with the subtitle “Final Reckoning” and tonight’s episode titled “Apocalypse Now.” We hear the Death From Above face-off is terrifying. We love the smell of napalm mingled with axe body spray in the morning!
  • Considering Mr. Man decided to pay tribute to Nixon last night with his SotU urges not to investigate him, this may be a good time to watch The Watergate Tapes: A Mysteries At The Museum Special, airing tonight on Travel Channel.

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