What To Watch: 02/05/2019

A very American night (except for, likely, that speech that will be on most of the channels) with two shows with that word in the title (one a debut pictured above). If you think your favorite network show might be on, check again, as the last minute shift of the State of the Union has wreaked havoc with the line-up. Who knows how long he’ll rattle on, and the press will surely have something to talk about — are we invading Venezuela? Will we all be named “Jared” from now on? Will all underwear have to be changed every 15 minutes and worn on the outside so they can check? Who knows with President Koo Koo Bananas in charge! Oof, he’s got us so mad we’re mixing our pop culture references (and points to anyone who identifies both of them). Here’s what we recommend (besides literally ANYTHING else).

American Soul [BET, 9p]
There are definite worries this could be over the top, but Don Cornelius’ life (and tragic death) is as fascinating as his voice so I’m in and hooked. Sinqua Walls of Power fame plays

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
The moms are coming! The moms are coming! Will they immediately see through Callie and Mariana’s facades and know how terrible work is? Will they freak out over their communal living situation? Looking forward to some good mom advice.

Corporate [Comedy Central, 10:30p]
It’s shades of Elaine Benes. Can a broken exclamation point key cause friction between coworkers? In the world of Corporate it can. And please tell us the office dog can stay.



  • While we love Raymond more for his recent character work (Get ShortyThe Big Sick) than for when he was the premier stand-up and TV star in the world. That does not mean it’s not cool that Ray Romano has a new Netflix special. It’s Right Here, Around The Corner and it debuts tonight.
  • Right before Corporate on Comedy Central, we’ve got Derek Waters and repertory doing their Drunk History thing. This week the theme is “trailblazers,” and the heroes include pilot Bessie Coleman and the Little Rock 9.
  • The other “American” show, American Housewife, is an underrated little sitcom starring Katy Mixon in its third season on ABC, and tonight’s main story is a gender battle on the topic of taxes.
  • We thought Temptation Island, which may or may not also be on tonight, was the low point of television, then we read the write-up for tonight’s Dating: No Filter on E! with all its lazy attempts at double entendre like “‘other skills’ at sushi” and “tasty meats on a stick” and the whole Screen Scholars crew went to their separate homes to wash their brains out for hours.
  • For reality television that is a bit more life-affirming, we’ve got the debut of My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera on Lifetime. It may be too life-affirming as the first episode goes all out on the inspirational front with the vows of amputee soldier and motivational speaker Redmond and Krista — a couple who as the description puts it “have devoted their lives to serving others.” So what have you done today?

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