What To Watch: 02/03/2019

It’s that day again, the 53rd such day in the last 53 years, so if you aren’t ready for some football played by humans, we recommend puppies and kittens doing the same. If that’s too close to the Superb Owl, HBO is running its complete Sunday night line-up.

Crashing [HBO, 10:30p]
Pete Holmes goes to a sex shop with his new girlfriend, and you can pretty much guess how that goes. We’re here to laugh at with him.

Puppy Bowl XV [Animal Planet, 8p]
Not feeling the super bowl? Watch adorable puppies play football instead! Party bonus: porcupines are the official mascot.

Kitten Bowl VI [Hallmark, 8p]
If puppies and porcupines also aren’t your bag, Hallmark’s got kitties asking if they can haz football.



  • If you care at all, chances are you know by now, that today’s Super Bowl LIII, and it’s the New England Patriots (sigh!) against the L.A. Rams (gah!). It’s on CBS. What you may not know is that the highlighted follow-up is the latest James Corden bit to get its own stand-alone program, The World’s Best. It’s a talent competition with an impressive slate of judges — Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, and RuPaul.
  • As we mentioned, HBO is airing its usual line-up. In addition to Crashing, there are new episodes of the weed-comedy anthology High Maintenance and John Heilemann and Alex Wagner’s political observation docu-series The Circus.


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