What To Watch: 02/01/2019

Natasha Lyonne has fared pretty well on Netflix as an integral part of the ensemble on its arguably most successful show. Tonight, she takes the lead on the streaming giant’s latest original — and it’s got an intriguing Groundhog Day-esque premise. Meanwhile John Malkovich takes a shot at being one of the most iconic mystery figures — a role played in the past by everyone from Albert Finney to Orson Welles to Kenneth Branagh (although most definitively by David Suchet).

Russian Doll [Netflix]
Ever been to a party you’re dying to get out of? Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) has. In fact she keeps dying. And coming back to the same party. Can she figure out what’s going on? Will the premise rise above the Groundhog Day comparisons? The eight episode first season is streaming now on Netflix

The ABC Murders [Amazon Prime]
As much as I adore John Malkovich, my first reaction here is #NotMyPoirot — even as I very well know David Suchet’s run played out its course and he retired on good terms. However, I’ll admit to being intrigued by the unique nature of a Poirot series-long case, and I’m less horrified at Malkovich tackling the great Belgian detective than I was with ham king Kenneth Branagh, and Murder On The Orient Express turned out to be watchable fare.

RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
Last week the queens paired up to create their own themed night clubs. Latrice shone as a party host, while Valentina continued to live in her own fantasy world. It comes down to Valentina and Naomi Smalls in the end and Valentina is eliminated.



  • It was starting to get a bit too idyllic in West Covina, especially after last week’s masterful rom-com parody gave enlightenment to Nathaniel to let go of Rebecca Bunch. As the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend inches ever closer to its finale, Rebecca’s contentment with Greg Prime (#NotMyGreg) is challenged by a day trip (wait, haven’t we already visited the inherent danger with these? and with a jaw-dropping Beach Boys parody to boot!)
  • Nahnatchka Khan and the Huang Family excel at the holiday episode, and it’s Chinese New Year tonight on Fresh Off The Boat which certainly means some top notch Grandma Jenny comedy.
  • It’s a witch out of water (literally in the official trailer) story in Netflix’s Colombian import Siempre Bruja, as Carmen travels ahead to modern time to escape being burned alive for witchcraft, but now she has to cope with unfamiliar technology and the slings and arrows of university life.
  • Primetime and Meechie are burned out cops looking to waste away quietly in their own personal Margaritaville in Tropical Cop Tales, but it’s on Adult Swim, so you must know by now that things turn, well, … just click on the title for the trailer.

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