What To Watch: 01/30/2019

Our 2018 round-up will finally be dropping tomorrow (someone has to be last) and, spoiler alert, there will be a lot of comedy. Could it have anything to do with the state of the world {taps nose knowingly}? Today is no different, as we could have selected documentaries about dictators or dedicatedly follow fashion, but, nope: it’s comedy, comedy, comedy — and each one sillier than the last.


You’re the Worst [FXX, 10p]
Tonight’s episode is titled “What Money?” Jimmy and the Gretchen are just bad about love, they’re awful with finance.

Grown-ish [Freeform, 8p]
Michelle Obama is coming to visit design class? Will this make Zoey rethink her decision to drop the class? Also, are Aaron and Ana going to start dating now? So many questions for a thirty minute show.

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On TV [YouTube]
Its first season on YouTube was certainly uneven, but I’ll follow Ryan Hansen in his post-Veronica Mars deep dive into meta. The premise: a (presumably) more hapless version of Hansen is teamed with a vet homicide detective as celebrities drop in playing their own versions of themselves. The first couple episodes of this season alone promise Joel McHale, Ken Marino, Stephen Merchant, and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.



  • If you ever wanted to see your beloved Muppets in a rap battle, well, tonight’s Drop The Mic is about as close as your ever going to get. Because that’s what’s happening. Hopefully Miss Piggy’s mama doesn’t serve spaghetti. The episode title also suggests there will be rhymes from the mouths of the cast of Lost. On TNT.
  • Tonight’s episode of ABC’s tentpole Modern Family is “We Need To Talk About Lily.” Perhaps they’ll address the sudden growth spurt of a few years ago — or it could be the fact that she’s a sociopath who embodies all the most irksome elements of her adoptive fathers…either way, we’ll bring the dip.
  • In the mood for well aged double entendres and conversations between unlikely mid-level celebrities, like, say, Kevin Smith and Caitlyn Jenner? The Match Game revival rolls on, and tonight’s episode on ABC has those two as well as bunches of Ron Funches.
  • Over on the Audience Network, the most quintessentially ESPN anchor, Dan Patrick, takes over from Joe Buck for what is now titled Undeniable with Dan Patrick. Click on the hyperlink to see him discuss his new direction with the now 40-something guy who played the kid from A Christmas Story, because of course that’s something that happened.
  • 2100 years ago, Mt. Vesuvius exploded and captured the ordinary residents of Pompeii in their last moments in 3D semi-spontaneous glory. If you cannot get enough of this story, Travel Channel adds to the lore with Buried Alive At Pompeii: A Mysteries At The Museum Special.
  • Let’s end on a lighter note: murderous dictator Manuel Noriega, and, ok, his crimes were not particularly funny, but it is a bit comical that the legend is the Panamanian strongman was smoked out by loud heavy metal music. He’s the profile on tonight’s The Dictator’s Playbook on PBS.

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