What To Watch: 01/29/2019

The State of the Union is…you don’t want to know. So, grab a drink and watch some million dollar commercials, or some teenaged drama, or some delicious looking food.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
Looks like this week Mariana is primed to speak out about the racial and gender discrimination at her workplace. GET IT MARIANA. (although really, could you at least get your first paycheck?)

Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2019 [CBS, 8p]
“I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.” I’ve always kinda scoffed at that cliched observation, but given this year’s matchup, this might be the extent of my Super Bowl-related viewing. Oh, this and Kitten Bowl!

Chopped [Food, 9p]
A new episode of Chopped (someone has to win!) is always better than the State of the Union.



  • At least one editor still blames the popular comic for inserting himself awkwardly and creepily into Cristela Alonzo’s promising sitcom, Cristela, but the comedian formerly (and still) known as “Fluffy” has a healthy following and a new Netflix special — Gabriel Iglesias: One Show Fits All.
  • Right on cue for the centennial of the 1919 Black Sox scandal — memorialized in two 1980s movies and a play by Jason’s uncle — Drunk History takes its own inebriated stab at building it and seeing who comes as part of a baseball-themed episode. On Comedy Central.
  • Max and Liz get close, Michael and Isabella don’t like it, and elements of Rosa’s history are unearthed. That’s just a day in Roswell, New Mexico or at least the CW reboot of the classic series.
  • Always ready for an Aparna Nancherla episode of anything, and, really, any episode of any show Nancherla is on becomes an Aparna show. Anyway, on tonight’s Corporate on Comedy Central Aparna’s Grace imparts her expert advice on talking to men.
  • A different Grace, this one a child played by Islie Hirvonen, becomes home for the consciousness of The Flash‘s Nora Allen after she messes with a memory machine in private.

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