What To Watch: 01/25/2019

Oh, Peak TV, you are just impossible, as Friday brings a torrent of new streaming to go along with the usual Friday dump that always promises some joyous treasure while we dig through others’ trash for our next new TV thrill. Just HOW hard has it been to keep up. There was a Screen Scholar favorite conspicuously missing when this feature went to press.

Black Earth Rising [Netflix]
While the early reviews on this provocative new UK import are rather tepid, it does feature the compelling young star Michaela Coel, creator of Chewing Gum, in about as dark a dramatic role as one could imagine, as a Rwandan refugee turned uncompromising legal advocate. It also features John Goodman, but I’ll wait to tune in to find out if he’s in sympathetic mentor or bureaucratic obstacle mode.

Speechless [ABC, 8:30p]
Dylan is terrified to learn that people view her as a mini Maya. JJ and Ray deal with having a crush on the same person. Just another day in the life of the DiMeos.

RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
Last week, the eliminated queens returned for an evening of lip sync battles. While it was definitely one of the better episodes I’ve seen, it does leave us in the same place we were two weeks ago. Latrice is back, but it is unclear how long she’ll last this time, as, traditionally, eliminated queens who have been brought back just end up being eliminated again in the next episode.

Seduced By A Killer [Lifetime Movies, 8p]
A woman finds herself estranged from her teenage daughter (a recurring theme on Lifetime to say the least) when she begins to date an angry man. Lurking around bushes leads the woman to learn that the man isn’t just old and gross, but a freaking murderer.



  • Korean zombies invading Netflix! How did none of us pick this?!?! Maybe because it has the ho-hum title of Kingdom. But still…
  • Wait, why is this feature complaining about none of us picking an obscure Korean zombie show when none of us tabbed the final episodes of a show which has been in our Top Ten EVERY YEAR WE HAVE HAD ONE. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back on Netflix with its final offerings.
  • The most prolific (and arguably best) Daily Show correspondent of the Noah era comes out with his latest Comedy Central stand-up set: Roy Wood Jr.: No One Loves You.
  • If you enjoy your comedians more sublimely bizarre, Jena Friedman signs up for a second go of Soft Focus on Adult Swim. Let’s just say the first one fit that network’s format.

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