What To Watch: 01/24/2019

What if you gave a The Good Place finale and no Screen Scholar editor came. It’s not indicative of our loss of love for one of our obsessions, but a sign of what an insanely loaded television night this is, led by the first episode of the final season of our other frequent number one show.

Broad City [Comedy Central, 10p]
Our favorite gal pals are saying goodbye to all of that with their final 5th season. We are not sure what to expect but all one can hope this go-round is a return to simpler times. Remember when their biggest problem was how to raise enough money for a Lil Wayne concert? Sigh, those were the days. Looking forward to more Al Dente Dentist puns, Judith Light lookalikes and ridiculous money-making schemes I wish I thought of for myself. It’s really the end of a millennial NYC era.

The Other Two [Comedy Central, 10:30p]
Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider play 20-something siblings who have to deal with their own celebrity aspirations and how they are upended when their 13-year-old brother (brilliantly dubbed “Chase Dreams”) becomes, essentially, Justin Bieber. It’s a perfect pairing with the final season of Broad City.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 9p]
Tonight, Jake and Gina are headed to their 20th high school reunion. I hope we get lots of weird stories about their childhood! Back in the world of the precinct, Boyle helps Rosa with her love life.

The Simpsons [FXX, All Day]
They’re not new, but tonight’s Marge Marathon are deeply important to the Simpsons canon: first, it’s Marge’s pink Chanel suit, which leads to upper class bliss and nearly fractures the family. That’s followed by Marge’s dive into entrepreneurship with a pretzel company (hang in there, baby!). Marge’s bestselling novel again threatens the family, and finally, she enters a bakeoff.



  • Are there going to be four new subjects for The Good Place‘s crazy points experiment, with the fates of all modern souls in the balance, or will they blow up this concept as the writers are gloriously wont to do (this whole new scenario is itself last week’s blow up). The third season of the best show on network TV winds up tonight on NBC, and they are being characteristically close to the vest with the plot, but if the episode title “Pandemonium” is any hint…
  • Mermaids hit land on the second season premiere of Freeform’s fantastical sci-fi series Siren.
  • The mid-season return of the CW’s subtlest superhero program Legacies surrounds the search for a missing Landon, along with the unfolding of his questionable past.
  • There’s definitely been an uptick in our ongoing fascination with charming murderers, so why not look back at the U.S.’s most charismatic serial killer, Ted Bundy, on Netflix’s Conversations With A Killer. The gimmick here is we’re hearing the crime from the sociopath’s POV. Because that’s what we as a society need right now.

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